Romonow Rubbishes, Need for the Scrutiny of Financial Sustainability of Medicare

While reacting to the comments made by the ex-PM of Canada Brian Mulroney, Roy Romanow has stated that there have already been many previous inquiries into the functioning of Medicare. He also said that the only study and the only question that needs to be answered is that whether Medicare should be used as a social tool or a form of an individual responsibility.

The reaction has come in response to the comments that were made by Mr. Mulroney in relation to the financial sustainability of the organization. Mr. Romonow said that though, it is good to question the feasibility of Medicare and that a debate regarding it should be exercised on a regular basis.

But, still he felt that the question was not about the financial sustainability of Medicare, but, about the question that whether it is a social tool for the citizens of Canada.

Mr. Mulroney has reportedly suggested that a team of medical and financial experts should be instated to scrutinize the financial condition of Medicare.

Mr. Romonow added that the taskforce of experts would only be successful in raking up issues that were discussed ten years earlier. He summed it up by saying that the sustainability of Medicare should revolve around the question of Values-of-Canada, rather than any other issue in Medicare.