Kenya's sex workers Lends a Helping hand for their Fellow HIV-affected

It has been claimed that sex workers surviving with HIV-related diseases in Nairobi are not expected to witness any sort of assistance from concerned neighbors. However, presently some of them are offering care to their fellow sex workers.

It is claimed that a group of 25 sex workers, known as "Knight Nurses", has indulged in this noble task. The group is reported to be active in the work from over a year in the slum of Huruma.

They visit fellow members of the group and their family members who are diagnosed as HIV positive to offer help. Besides, for the bedridden families, the group members even cook for them and wash them also. In addition, cleaning of the house is also added to their list.

Moreover, it is reported that the members even schedule visit to the doctors for them and make sure than the infected individuals take their medication properly and regularly.

"My friends would fundraise and hire a taxi to take Dad to hospital whenever he had an [opportunistic] illness", one of the HIV infected told IRIN/PlusNews. "They would also help in caring for him at home before he died last year".