Nurse Assaulted by Psychiatric Patient, Union to Strike for Increased Safety Measures

A nurse working at the Blacktown Hospital in Sydney was beaten up mercilessly by a psychiatric patient. Following, which the Nurses Association of New South Wales has decided to go on a strike, regarding the safety of the staff in the psychiatry department of the hospital.

The staff members and the union have decided to march in protest for a demand to shut down the psychiatric care centre, as the place was understaffed and did not have a proper design to ensure the safety of the staff at the centre. The psychiatric centre that houses 34 beds is currently understaffed by 10 nurses.

According to Brett Holmes, the general Secretary of the NSW Nurses Association, the hospital was understaffed by a good amount of workers. He felt that due to the lack of safety measures adopted by the authorities the nurse was grievously injured due to the assault by the patient.

He further added that the design of the staff room was such that the nurse could not escape the room as it just had one door, and had no alternative escape route in case of an emergency.

The name of the assaulted nurse has not been revealed at the request of the victim. However, she has, as expected decided to go on a leave until the next year due to the trauma she suffered from the incident. The nurse was dragged, punched and kicked mercilessly by the patient and suffered injuries to her ribs and face.

The incident had occurred around 4A. M, when the patient had asked to use the phone, following, which the incident took, place.