Town opposes Asylum Plans for Afghans

400 asylum seekers from Afghanistan will soon be hosted by the Adelaide Hills town of Woodside which caused a controversial debate among concerned townsfolk.

On Thursday, a meeting in Woodside, intended to debate about the government's intention to settle hundreds of Afghan immigrants into the town, ended disappointingly with people articulating racist remarks against Muslims.

Many of the 500 citizens, present at the meeting, openly rejected the idea to host the refugees. Organizer of the town gathering, Briohny Pitts, now declares that Woodside is not a racist place.

Pitts explains the citizen's opposing behavior with anger caused by the government's imposing plans that were not discussed among town members beforehand. She points out: "I think, in general, the town is not upset about who is coming. We're upset that the federal government has decided that 400 people will be moved to Inverbrackie."

The decision to move 400 asylum seekers to the town, located 38km southeast of Adelaide, was announced by the Government on Monday. Already in December, the first group of refugees is assumed to arrive.

Jamie Briggs, Federal Liberal MP announced to support rejecters of the asylum plan and denies that racism is the cause of this opposition.

Opposition members demand that responsible authorities who made the decision should explain themselves and answer concerned town citizen's questions.