From the First Kiss to the Last Hiss

During the time of marriage, both Nicolas Granatino and Katrin Radmacher had signed a pact that neither of them would profit from each other’ s wealth. However, a recent ruling by the Supreme Court is said to have given agreements more weight in divorce cases.

As per the ruling, Ms. Radmacher, a wealthy German heiress is expected to Mr. Granatino about $55,500 per child per year. Additionally she will have to make sure that he gets paid for the London house so he can be closer to their daughters and for a property near her house in France.

Nicolas Granatino, a former JPMorgan Chase banker is said to have quit his career as a banker during the time of his divorce in the year 2006. He had applied to become a researcher at the University of Oxford.

He is said to have claimed that he had not received proper legal advice, at the time when the prenuptial agreement was being signed.

This new ruling by the Supreme Court has brought British law very close to what is practiced in the United States.

“Everybody hopes their marriage will last a lifetime. From today we are allowed to prepare for the possibility that it might not be the case”, said Simon Bruce, a lawyer representing Ms. Radmacher.