Facebook, Huffington Post launch news sharing platform “HuffPost Social News”

In a concept quite similar to the last year launch of The New York Times' sharing service TimesPeople, Facebook and noninterventionist news channel The Huffington Post have teamed up and launched the "HuffPost Social News" - a platform that would facilitate the sharing of news stories by users and their friends, on the social network.

The partnership, a legitimately-sanctioned implementation of its Facebook Connect product, has led to the creation of the new site that would help Huffington Post aggregate the stories that a given user's Facebook friends have suggested or commented on, and, in turn, shares the user's Huffington Post activity on his/her Facebook profiles.

In a statement about its Monday-announced collaboration with Facebook, The Huffington Post - a website created by Greek-born Ariana Huffington - said: "The explosive growth of online social networking has fundamentally changed our relationship with news. It's no longer something we passively take in. We now engage with news, react to news, and share news."

Huffington added that with The Huffington Post already having an enviable share of followers - thanks to its dynamic blend of news, entertainment, opinion and blogs submitted by academics, politicians, and celebrities - the "HuffPost Social News" would further take social news to a completely new level, helping users in building and developing a 'community' that observes what they read and care about!