Foundation Demands Stricter Labeling Policy

The David Suzuki Foundation has asked for stringent labeling laws regarding the ingredients being used in cosmetic products. The demand by the foundation has been announced as a research conducted by the organization found that four-fifth of the products being sold in Canada contained toxic ingredients.

The research conducted by the David Suzuki Foundation was based on the internet and quizzed 6,200 Canadians to check the ingredients of their products. The participants in the survey checked 12,500 products and found the astounding results.

The author of the study and an analyst of the environmental health policy, Lisa Gue said that the results of the survey gave strong evidence of the risks involved. She also asked for a stricter labeling policy, so that at least the consumers knew what they were buying.

She further criticized the practice of Companies to label ingredients as parfum, when they could be toxic to health of the users. The practice of labeling ingredients as parfum was unethical and also robbed citizens of their right to know, what they were using.

Following the discovery, the David Suzuki Foundation has requested people to be choosy and scrutinize the products they use, before buying. It has also asked consumers to minimize the use of cosmetics to avoid any adverse affects on the health of the people.