Robots Take Control of an Operation Theatre in Montreal

Technology and medicine again proved to be beneficial for the greater good, yet again as the Montreal General Hospital for the first time in medical history conducted a surgery using two robots simultaneously. The surgery was conducted on a patient suffering from prostate cancer.

According to the doctors who overlooked and managed the procedure, the surgery was a success and so was the decision to simultaneously use the two robots.

The two robots were basically used for two separate procedures in the surgery, the first robots was responsible for administering anesthesia in the patient, it has been nicknamed as McSleepy by the hospital. While, the other robot was used to carry out all the surgical incisions and stitching and is known as the Da Vinci.

The operation had been carried out on the 13th of October and was overlooked by a surgeon and an anesthesia specialist. Thomas Hemmerling, the anesthesiologist involved in the operation expressed that the two robots provided better accuracy in the procedure and helped in providing better safety and control to the procedure.

The patient who underwent the operation, Gilles Lefort, 68 expressed that the operation was a brilliant experience. He added that when he woke up from the surgery, he felt energetic and had no nausea or weakness.