Fertility Campaigner Urges for Sperm Donor Compensations to be Equivalent with Egg Donors

An influential fertility campaigner has called for more compensation to men sperm donors for IVF, in comparison to their female counterparts.

The suggestion has been made by Laura Witjens, Chair of the UK's National Gamete Donation Trust, who also donated her own eggs. She is of the view that people generally don’t understand the obligation involved in sperm donation.

It is not permitted that fertility clinics pay for eggs and sperm and they can reimburse the donors for loss of earnings and expenses with an amount up to £250.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, a fertility watchdog would appraise this limit for women egg donors, as they have to undergo hormone treatment and surgery to donate eggs.

Ms. Witjens wants the same payment for sperm donors. While speaking at a reimbursement debate at the Royal Society of Medicine, she said that even sperm donors during their visits to a clinic, had to keep away from sex and alcohol for several months, so even they should be paid equal payments if not more than egg donors.

"Just like egg donors, to the families these guys help, they are heroes. And that's something that deserves recognition from us all", said Ms. Witjens, in an article for the BBC News website.

But, Sarah Norcross, Director of Progress Educational Trust don’t support the idea of compensating sperm donors equivalently with egg donors, as latter involves more intrusive procedure.