Rally To Raise funds for Redeveloping Hospital

Echuca witnessed over thousands of concerned residents, participating in a rally today aiming to raise funds for a revamping of the local Echuca hospital.

As per the estimations made by the Organizers, over 2,500 people attended the rally. Hospital Week spokesman Jim Cosgriff has claimed that the response extended by the people for the event is excellent.

There were many local businesses that were closed down so that their staff could attend the rally, he added. Besides, he outlined that the basic needs of the hospital have not been given the required amount of attention and has been overlooked, supporting a safe Coalition seat as the reason.

The health service is facing a tough time to cope up a soaring population, claiming that it is particularly high during the summer tourist season, the group organizing the event claimed.

A recent feasibility research has claimed that the net amount required for the redevelopment would stand at $100 million.

"Whilst our planning might be well advanced, we still sit here dying on the vine while marginal electorates get favoured hand over fist, compared to what we get at the Echuca Hospital”, Jim Cosgriff posted. "Not one new bed since
1962. Not one".