Appeal Judges’ Ruling for Pre-Nuptial Agreement backed by England’s Highest Court

The highest court of England has affirmed that the appeal judges’ decision to cut the amount of Nicolas Granatino's divorce settlement from over £5m to £1m was justifiable.

As per the judges, the decision should give weightage to the accord that was signed by Mr. Granatino before getting married that he would not claim Miss Radmacher's estimated wealth of £100m.

The verdict is an essential move towards pre-nuptial contracts that are coming into effect in England and Wales in a legalized manner, as they are illegal under English family law presently.

“It is essential for people to have the choice to achieve some certainty and control over their futures bearing in mind the wide discretion of the family courts in England and Wales”, said Suzanne Kingston, head of the Family Law Department at Dawsons Solicitors.

She recommended that the implementation of pre-nuptial contracts should be proposed by the Law Commission as legislation, so as to bring family law into the 21st century.

Elizabeth Hicks, of the family law team at Irwin Mitchell expressed that their clients from all across the country would be impacted by the decision taken by the court. She added that if pre-nuptial contracts come into force, they would surely be supported.