Dam Safety Measures in British Columbia improved

Barry Penner, the Environment Minister of British Columbia, approves the recommendations made in the Deputy Solicitor General Report of July that concerns the Testalinden Dam incident.

The Testalinden Dam failure is referred to as the collapse of a dam, south of the Okanagan that lead to the spillage of six Canadian homes.

Reactions on the report already resulted in the strengthening of the four dams mainly in risk to collapse, located all over British Columbia in the Osoyoos area, on Bowen Island, in the south of Chase and in Saanich. Ministry employees will further support 379 additional dam owners in order to conduct following-up measures that strengthen their dams.

The Dam Safety program in B. C. already receives additional support from the Ministry in order to identify new safety regulations that need to be followed by the dam owners. The documentation and reporting on the dams and the call-outs in case of emergency also get encouraged.

The Canadian province British Columbia, with Vancouver as its capital, contains nearly 2,000 registered dams, some of them being the biggest in the whole country. Four new Dam Safety positions represent an assurance for the future that dam safety is and will be a matter Ministry concern.