Penticton MLA to Fight for His Job, if Put Up for Recall

Bill Barisoff, Penticton MLA, is inquiring why he is one of the 18 BC Liberals representatives named in Fight HST's campaign-contest to make a decision over the order in which the BC Liberal MLAs will be recalled.

Since 2005, Barisoff has been a working as Speaker of the House and has always taken unbiased decisions on several issues and has never voted for the HST. Barisoff is disappointed that his name has been included in the list.

He said that a speaker's duty is to form a neutral body on behalf of both the parties and three independents. So, it becomes very difficult for the speaker to answer on several issues as compared to other members.

Barisoff also said that he opposes the campaign as he believes that it is not the appropriate use of the recall legislation.

He also stated if local Fight HST organisers will put him up for recall, he will fight hard to retain his job.

He further added, "I think the recall legislation was mostly to do with indiscretions that specific MLAs might have done with criminal charges or something of that nature".

He also mentioned that there is no intention to recall as much MLAs as possible to conduct another election.