Chestnut Growers Request Funding for Eradication Program

North-east Victoria's chestnut industry is planning to meet with the Agricultural Minister, Joe Helper, on Monday in order to discuss the recent outbreak of chestnut blight.

The first outbreak in the country was declared last month when trees on four properties at Eurobin, north-east Victoria, were infected with the blight. Another 12 suspect samples were sent for testing last week; three have returned negative results.

Chestnut growers are now making a case for total eradication of the blight, for which they would like to receive funding.

In reference to Mr. Helper, Chestnuts Australia's David Macintyre said: "We're just politely [trying] to educate him, I suppose, as to the importance and role of the chestnut industry in north-east Victoria."

Mr. Macintyre stressed "the cost to that industry if we can't get rid of this disease, and therefore the importance of eradicating it."