Australia: United Government Voices in Drug Legalization Debate

The Australian government rejects debate in drug legalization in Victoria after Sir Ken Jones, the Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner, raised attention for the issue.

Mr. John suggested discussing the matter in a well informed public debate, letting citizens express their opinion on making drugs legal.

Premier John Brumby declared that the government is not planning to reform existing drug policies in favor of legalization. He states: "We had a big debate about these areas 10 or 15 years ago, I think all of the measures that we have put in place since then, which have been a combination by the way of on the one hand harm minimization measures, and on the other increased enforcement and tougher laws, I think those things have worked well."

Research revealed that compared to former times, the drug abuse in Australia decreased. According to the Prime Minister, there is no necessity to debate the issue.

Although Mr. Jones started public attention on the issue, he underlines that he was never aiming to legalize drugs in Victoria. He explains: "I've always been and will always remain a strong advocate of the current approach," he said. "I absolutely do not support legalization."

The opposition agrees with the government leader and declares that it would never support the process of legalizing drugs such as cannabis.