Motorcycle Campaign to Enhance Driver’s Consciousness

The Institute of Advanced Motorists has applauded an advertising campaign that has been launched to safeguard motorcyclists using bus lanes in the capital from road accidents.

The campaign `the Transport for London scheme' has been introduced on 18-month pilot basis to dampen the collisions with riders. The radio alerts, a part of the campaign are requesting the bus drivers to watch out for motorcyclists who have been allowed to drive on the bus lanes.

The motorists would take time to get used to look out for bikers on the bus lanes, as expressed by Peter Rodger, Chief Executive of the Iam.

As per Dr. Graham Hole, a Cognitive Psychologist at the University of Sussex, it has been proved in the research that drivers don't take notice of the vehicles in positions, when they are unlikely to discover them. The statement was also supported by Mr. Rodger.

He said, "Publicly promoting the trial will help this problem a lot by increasing drivers' awareness".

The drivers would get used to using their left hand mirrors on their vehicles, which would eventually become a rule for them rather than a choice, said Dr. Hole.