BT Openreach Announces 110Mbps Fibre Broadband Service for 2011

Telecommunications firm BT Openreach has announced plans of a new, super-fast broadband service, which is to be launched in March 2011.

The soon-to-come 110Mbps fibre optic broadband service will allow for 110Mbps downstream with 20Mbps bandwidth being prioritized. It will also offer 20Mbps upstream bandwidth. The 110Mbps is a symbolic increment above the 100Mbps cable modem service that is soon to be offered by Virgin Media. This has been seen as a marketing that positions the Company against the telecoms giant.

Virgin plans to launch their cable service before the end of the year, covering half of the country. BT's service, which won't be available until later in 2011, will cover a far more limited area.

Nevertheless, a spokesperson from BT says that theirs will not be an `up to' services, and that the customers will get exactly the speed they pay for. That is, guaranteed speeds of just 10Mbps below the headline speed. The spokesman did acknowledge that when the network is flooded the speed would sit at about 20Mbps.

BT is currently busy rolling out super-fast broadband around the UK. The company plans to make the technology available to approximately two-thirds of British properties by 2015.