Smart Grid Project Distributes ‘Smart Meters’ to Homes in North-East

Homes in Yorkshire and the north-east will receive smart meters as part of the £54 million Smart Grid Project. The project will examine the effect of new technologies on carbon reduction in the UK.

In addition to the distribution of over 160,000 smart meters, the project will install solar PV panels in 800 homes, give electric cars to 150 consumers and install 1,500 ground source or air source heat pumps in properties in the region. These initiatives are intended to help businesses and homes cut down on energy waste.

The project will produce valuable information that could inform future plans for cutting energy bills for many British consumers.

Smart Grid Project is a collaborative effort between CE Electric UK, British Gas, Durham University and EA Technology.

The British-owned British Gas Company supplies gas, electricity and home repair services to England, Scotland and Wales.

CE Electric UK is owned by MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company and distributes electricity. Its subsidiary, Integrated Utility Services, offers engineering resources and constructing, installing and commissioning assets for all system voltages up to 132kV. CE Electric has networks all over the UK and Ireland.

EA technology provides consultancy, services and products for assisting in electricity networks management.

Phil Bentley, Managing Director of British Gas, commends the collaboration between these bodies. "With tough climate targets to meet, and volatile wholesale energy markets, it is vital that Britain makes the transition to a low carbon economy - and no single company has all the answers".