It’s Time for Vaccination

It was precisely a year ago when the H1N1 scare had headlined newspapers across the world and had scared the living daylights out of parents. However, despite the mass media coverage, it turns out that the virus was nothing more than a regular flu.

Though, it needs to be noted that H1N1 did induce intense vaccination programs against the illness. The vaccination programs against the disease could actually be the reason behind the emergence of reduced chances of the spread of the disease.

Despite the fact that the flu has not made the headlines this year, it does not mean that parents should not get their children vaccinated. The flu can turn fatal in severe conditions and the chances of contracting the virus are high, especially with the flu season round the corner.

Anyone who suspects being contracted by the illness should immediately check for the symptoms, like, body and muscle aches, sore throat, high fever, congestion and cough. However, in normal cases, the treatment for the disease is simple, and all that one requires is the company of friends and family and lots of rest and care.

In serious cases, if the child is regurgitating food and has difficulty breathing or is getting dehydrated, the parents should get their children to a doctor immediately. In some cases it is known that the flu can also result in pneumonia among children, so be aware about everything.