The Chevrolet Volt electric car

The Chevrolet Volt car took twenty-nine months to successfully cover different stages, ranging from designing to delivery. The time took by the Chevrolet Volt to get out of plant is definitely not a long period for a new unconventional technology.

The Chevrolet Volt is a front-wheel drive four passenger electric car. The extended-range Volt is a combination of electric and gasoline power. Like the Nissan Leaf, the Volt always operates on electric power, which can come either from the battery or from a gasoline-powered generator which charges the battery.

The battery is capable of supplying power for 40 to 80 kilometres, which is sufficient for almost all daily commuters. When the battery becomes discharged, it can be recharged with the onboard gas engine generator. It can also be charged by plugging it into a normal electrical outlet.

The company has used the term “extended-range” for the vehicle because with a fully charged battery and a full tank of gas, it can range up to 560 kilometres, which provides it the extended range capability over typical electric-only vehicle.

One of the many striking features of the vehicle is the OnStar Mobile application, which allows users to remotely monitor battery charge, unlock doors, check the electric and total range and warm up or cool down the interior through their smartphones or other Internet enabled devices. The application users will even get text or e-mail in case the vehicle is unplugged. Thus the company has left no stone unturned to make the vehicle secure.