Moisturising Cream can Damage Skin of People with Eczema

According to researchers at Bath University, people having eczema can worsen their condition if they use moisturising cream.

The scientists say that well-known cream brands that people buy from famous shops can actually cause irritation of the skin. They suggested that people with eczema should use oil-based ointments.

For the study, healthy volunteers were asked to apply aqueous cream on their forearms every day for a period of four weeks.

The scientists noticed that stratum corneum thickness reduced by at least 10% after using the cream for the stipulated time.

The experts suggested that the damage of the skin can be more in those people who already suffer from skin-related problems.

The researchers also stated that the reason behind the irritation is the presence of detergent in the moisturising cream.

Professor Richard Guy, who supervised the research said, “Our study has found that rubbing aqueous cream containing sodium lauryl sulphate into the skin thins this protective barrier, making the skin more susceptible to irritation by chemicals”.

It is worth mentioning that many people in the United Kingdom suffer from eczema, which happens due to cracks and dryness of skin.

Aqueous cream is considered an emollient cream, and is officially prescribed as a substitute to soap.

The findings of the study have been published in the British Journal of Dermatology.