Verizon Wireless to start offering $15 data promotion: report

The largest US mobile phone operator Verizon Wireless has reportedly plans to introduce a promotional data plan for $15 a month starting October 28.

A person close to Verizon Wireless informed on the condition of anonymity that the carrier was stepping towards tired data pricing bandwagon. The source added that the carrier would allow customers to subscribe to a $15 a month data plan that would offer smartphone subscribers 150MB od data.

If a customer on Verizon's $15 plan crosses the limit, he/she would have to pay another $15 to enjoy the same amount of data again.

The potential move is seen as a part of Verizon Wireless’ efforts to compete with smaller rival AT&T, which earlier this year eliminated unlimited data service plans and introduced a choice of lower-priced plans with limited downloads of items like that of e-mail or games.

AT&T offers 200MB for $15 a month and another option for 2GB of downloads for $25.

Verizon Wireless recently confirmed that it would also go for tiered pricing; however, it declined to comment on Tuesday’s report.

On the NYSE, shares in Verizon Wireless were trading 43 cents down at $32.16-a-share, while AT&T shares were trading 52 cents down at $28.10-a-share on Tuesday afternoon.