Current Year’s Flu Shots are Safe

Nick Pal –liser on October 18 issued a letter, which warns taking flu vaccination of the current season.

The information revealed by the letter is disingenuous, erroneous and is perilous in relation to the flu vaccine of the current year.

The letter states that this year’s flu vaccination doesn’t include H1N1 vaccine of last year and the previous year’s surplus swine flu vaccine has been made redundant and would be devastated.

But, none should pay heed to this letter, as the flu vaccination of the current season provides immunization against three flu stains including H3N2, influenza B, and H1N1. As there is expectation that the swine flu also cast its effect though mildly during this winter, so there is a necessity to get vaccinated against H1N1.

Every year influenza viruses changes, so with that change, there is also requirement to alter the flu vaccine. The new flu viruses are identified by the World Health Organization, every year and according to that new vaccine is developed. Then the vaccines pass through endorsement procedure, where they have to meet stipulated guidelines.

Before approving the flu vaccine for giving it to general masses, Health Canada's Biologics and Genetics Therapies Directorate examines every single vaccine lot. Even the vaccine of the current year has also passed through the whole process and is thus safe to administer.