Rescue Team Saves Lives of many Dementia Sufferers during a Fire Break Out

A fire broke out at an Inverness nursing home last night and put the lives of many dementia sufferers into danger, but the rescue team ensured their survival.

The fire incident occurred at around 5.30pm at Culloden Court Care Home and the rescue team consisting of paramedics, police officers, and locals took out 59 elderly residents from the premises located at Murray Road, Smithton. The fire flames erupted from the roof the building. The sick patients were carried out in blankets.

Those saved were taken to nearby Smithton Primary School, which served as refuge. The worried relatives of rescued people visited the site.

A few of the home care residents received injuries and were taken to Raigmore Hospital. The collaborative effort of localites, fire-fighters and nursing-home staff saved life of many.

“Local residents were excellent. They turned up with blankets, chairs, anything to assist and offering their cars to assist their movement to the school. We are grateful to them”, said Inspector Ian Graham, of Northern Constabulary.

Ian Rideout, operations director for the British Red Cross in Scotland also applauded efforts put in by paramedics and police. He expressed that the team took just an hour to rescue residents from the building.