Welfare Workers Fail to Provide Protection to Three Vulnerable Kids

Lisa Neville, who is the Community Services Minister, is unsure about how many times the welfare workers visited the family of a girl who was taken to hospital after she took ecstasy.

The grandmother of 2.5-year-old girl and two siblings was taking care of them for around two years, when it was discovered that the kids were dwelling in ‘filthy’ conditions.

But in March because of the failure to extend a court order by the department, the children were handled to their mother, after she showed a noticeable improvement.

Ms. Neville expressed disappointment over DHS failure to get a new supervision order after the original order lapsed in the month of June.

She said, “All the supports and services were available since the children were reunited with the mother. And all the checks indicated the children were well”.

She further said that it is not clear whether the ecstasy was given by the mother or the girl herself consumed it.

Meanwhile, the grandmother told ABC Radio's Jon Faine that she is afraid that her grandchildren are at increased risk of drug and sexual abuse.

She was also upset that Ms. Neville didn’t pay attention to her claims of abuse and neglect regarding her three granddaughters.