Get Checked for White Coat Hypertension

Some people’s blood pressure readings increase when they visit a doctor. Such a scenario lands them in a perplexing situation.

Dr. Peter Ting, Consultant, Department Of Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore has tried throwing light on the reasons of fluctuating blood pressure.

He stated that there is fluctuation in the blood pressure during the whole day and is directed by the kind of physical activity one is performing and what his/her mental status is. So, it is advisable to measure blood pressure, when one is in a restful state and had no prior smoking session.

Blood pressure often increases after exercising. It also advances due to stress or anxiety. Restlessness or anxiety could be the reason of increase in the blood pressure of the patients, when they reaches doctor’s place. The phenomenon is also termed as white coat hypertension.

In case of the fluctuation in the original blood pressure, the doctors may recommend patients to monitor their blood pressure for round the clock in ambulatory condition. There could arise two scenarios; either patients’ home blood pressure varies from their original, as they monitor it only once a week or they are victims of white coat hypertension. Till this issue is sorted out, it cannot be judged that whether the existing dosage of medication prescribed to the patient is proper.