Advancement in Stem Cell Research might replace Method of Joint Replacement

The Manchester University announces that it is currently developing a way to replace joint replacement surgery by applying stem cell therapy.

This would be an improvement not only on the financial, health sector side but also the patient does no longer has to undergo complicated, long and regularly repeating surgeries.

A four years research at the McMaster Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute demonstrated that cells, far from being identical, can be turned into special cell types targeted to serve the area of regenerative medicine.

The journal Nature Biotechnology published the proof that stem cell researchers made the earth shaking discovery of a recipe that lets embryonic stem cells transform chondrocytes which are the cells responsible for the production of cartilage.

Research Professor Sue Kimber explains: "The beauty is that it takes just two weeks in a dish and it gives a high efficiency of cells which have the characteristics of immature chondrocytes."

Although ethical concerns exist to use embryonic cells for this treatment method, experts praise the method that might be established and ready to use already within the next ten year.