School Block Emptied after Ammonia Gas Leakage

After it was reported that ammonia had started leaking from a fridge at Philip Morant School, Colchester, a team from fire station closed the 10-classroom block of the building.

The ammonia gas started leaking after 8am. At once, the emergency services were called for at the school in Rembrandt Way. The site was visited by four crews from Colchester and Dovercourt. They entered the block in their protective suits and removed the refrigerator from the premises.

As reported, two staff members received minor injuries from the fumes, but one didn’t require getting admitted to the hospital, while the other who was a teacher was taken to Colchester General Hospital.

Ammonia is an obnoxious material and could cause skin burns and bring deadly consequences if inhaled, as stated by Greg Keys, of Essex Fire and Rescue Service. He told that the crew removed the fridge from building.

“It had already vented all of its gas but we wanted to get it away from the building so that the school can start to use the block again and get on with their day”, said Mr. Keys. He added that school managed the incident so admirably by shifting the students to other rooms immediately after the leakage of ammonia.