Discovery of Genes Opens up New Avenues for the Fight against Depression

In a discovery that could open up new prospects in the treatment of depression. Scientists at the Yale University have been able to discover a gene that seems to play a significant part in the onset of the psychological disorder.

The gene that has been discovered has been named as MKP-1 by the researchers. The discovery was made after the scientists at the Yale University compared to the genetic codes of 21 deceased people who were suffering from depression prior to their deaths.

In the research, it was found by the scientists that the gene MKP-1 initiated an off-switch that would hinder the presence of brain chemicals known as MAPK, which is important for the functioning of neurons. The lead author of the study, Ronald Duman stated that the major reason behind people developing depression could be because of the gene.

The discovery led to further surety after mice with the MPK-1 gene was produced that played a key role in reducing the levels of the chemicals, MAPK. It was found that those mice without the MPK-1 gene behaved well to stress as comparison to the mice with the gene.

According to researchers the new discovery would definitely go a long way in finding further treatments for depression.