Telstra stops charging for unlocking iPhones

Telstra has announced that it would no longer charge to unlock the iPhone handsets from its network. The iPhone come locked to the carrier, which so far used to charge hefty fee to unlock it.

According to the Telstra Exchange blog, the carrier decided to stop charging for unlocking the iPhone to better serve its customers.

Announcing its decision, Telstra stated, "If you have purchased an iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 from Telstra and would like to remove the network lock restriction, all you need to do is contact Telstra.”

All iPhones bought from Telstra come locked to the Telstra mobile phone network and as a default work only with a Telstra SIM card.

It should be noted here that all iPhones purchased from Telstra will still come locked to the Telstra mobile phone network; however, the carrier will now execute unlocking of the phone free of charge.

Those interested in unlocking their iPhones can gather their IMEI number, mobile number and iPhone serial number, and can simply call Telstra on 1800 474 663 for consumers and 1800 027 167 for business customers for unlocking their handsets.

Previously, Telstra had used to charge $150 for unlocking an iPhone.