Opposition pushes for two inquiries

On Monday when parliament resumes, the federal antagonism will push the case for separate judicial investigation into two of the government's multi-billion-dollar stimulus programs.

It has already legislation sketched to set up a commission of inquiry into the $16.2 billion Building the Education Revolution, next scores of protests about over-spending and price-gouging on school infrastructure developments.

On Sunday opposition Leader Tony Abbott also called for a judicial inquiry into the $2.8 billion ruined home insulation scheme which was the area under discussion of an auditor-general's report on Friday.

He told the Nine Network of a scheme allied to four deaths and scores of house fires that this is apparently a disaster.

Mr. Abbott detained on the auditor-general's ruling that the government hurried the program over two years rather than extending it over five as the environment department had sponsored.

He said that it was a government mistake. They can't hide from view behind the public servants.

The resistance will need the support of no less than three crossbenchers to vigor the two inquiries on the government.