Booze is the Cheapest Drink Available in New Zealand

According to recent reports, booze is the cheapest drink available in New Zealand. So it would not be a surprise if people stop buying water, in there substitute alcohol with water.

And this is said to have taken place within the last 10 years, a research by the Otago University suggests. Alcohol becoming increasingly affordable is a matter of concern say researchers as there too has been alcohol misuse in the recent past.

This research intends to highlight the health and social cost of alcohol misuse, the Government said. It also aimed to bring about an increase in the tax on liquor.

Nick Wilson, author of the study was quoted saying "Our analysis suggests alcohol is now probably the cheapest recreational drug in New Zealand and has become increasingly affordable, at the same time as concern about the binge-drinking culture has grown”.

While water is available at 67c for a 250ml glass and a glass of milk for 43c, wine costs as little as 62c for a standard drink, discounted beer 64 c, discounted bottled wine 65c and spirits 78c.

The problem further increased due to alcohol discounts in supermarkets. While the Government has been spending huge bucks on alcohol-related health and crime problems, the main problem should be wiped off first, said the author.