Patients Turned Away from 9 Wards During Weekend Over Norovirus Breakout

After a sudden outbreak of Norovirus, a winter infection bug which results in uncontrolled vomiting, patients were turned away from as many as 9 wards of a hospital over the weekend, so that proper infection control measures could be enforced.

Nearly 37 patients across wards at the Inverclyde Royal Hospital are reportedly suffering from symptoms of the Norovirus infection, as has been confirmed by Heath Officials.

Among the closed wards are 3 rehabilitation wards, 4 medical wards and 1 ward in which surgeries are carried out. Additionally, 1 ward where elderly people with poor mental health are treated was also closed down. Currently, none of the affected wards are admitting any new patients.

"We will continue to monitor this situation closely and are doing all that we can to further prevent the spread of this infection. We are also urging visitors to restrict the number of people around patients’ beds to only two, and anyone who has experienced diarrhea or vomiting within the last 48 hours not to visit the hospital", shared Inverclyde's lead nurse Debbie Hardie.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has shared that the hospital has now been equipped with strict and effective infection-control measures.