Amazon pledges to fight any increase in e-book prices

Online retailer Amazon UK has pledged to its Kindle customers that it would fight back publishing houses' plans to increase the prices of e-books.

Amazon UK's comments emerged as some publishing houses are mulling over plans to adopt an "agency model" for selling their e-books across platforms. The adoption of the agency model will make publishers setters of the consumer price of their e-books.

But, the online retailer claims that any increase in the prices of the e-books will not only affect the consumers, but also the publishers and authors.

Commenting on the topic, Amazon wrote in a blog post, "For a number of reasons, we think this is a damaging approach for readers, authors, booksellers and publishers alike."

However, publishers and authors are of the view that the book industry is being used recklessly in a struggle to profits from sales of the hardware. Amazon's Kindle is struggling hard to outsell rival e-book readers such as Apple's iPad.

Adopting agency pricing model is not new. In the US, many leading publishers, including Macmillan, Harper Collins, Penguin, and Simon & Schuster, have already adopted the agency model for e-books across the board.