Yoga Helpful for Women Suffering from Fibromyalgia

A study conducted at the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland has stated that women suffering from fibromyalgia are likely to feel better if they practice yoga. The researchers have stated that women practising yoga would feel better and would feel less fatigued in comparison to when they were not practising yoga.

The research involved the participation of two groups of women, with all of them diagnosed with the chronic pain syndrome, fibromyalgia. The first group comprised of twenty-five women who were enrolled in a yoga class that lasted two-hours and was held once in a week. The classes spanned the period of eight weeks.

The second group of women saw the participation of 28 women, who did not enroll in yoga and were told to live their lives as usual.

Following the span of eight weeks, the yoga group observed that they felt better and reported less symptoms of the disease. Around 4.5% people responded that they felt very much better, 9.1% people stated that they felt much better, 77% reported that they felt a little better and 4.5% responded that they did not feel any change.

Whereas, in the second group, none of the people reported to be feeling, very much better or much better, whereas, 19.2% felt a little better and 38.5% reported to be feeling no change at all.

The study has been published in the 14th October issue of the journal, Pain.