Prominent Hospital Admits Negligence

Cases of negligence in medical procedures are rarely brought to notice by hospitals and surgeons. However, taking a strong stance against operational negligence, a reputed Rhode Island Hospital has announced a negligence committed by the staff of the hospital.

In this situation, a drill bit being used in the procedure was left in the head of patient due to mistake. The drill bit was removed only after it was diagnosed when the head was being imaged as per procedures.

A spokeswoman for the hospital, Ellen Slingsby, while explaining the mistake stated that the drill bit broke off during the procedure. However, the doctor or the team involved in the operation did not check for the broken part and was thus forgotten in the head of the patient. She added that the team and the doctor should have, as per the policies of the hospital checked for the broken part inside the person.

The hospital has also announced that the doctor and the team involved the operation have been suspended from services. It also added that the staff would remain suspended until the hospital authorities don’t get to the bottom of the case of negligence.

The medical facility has already issued an apology to the patient and has started a review of the situation.