Many Health Care Workers won’t Undergo Flu Vaccination

As per a recent survey, many of the health care workers won’t adhere to the CDC’s recommendation of getting a flu shot.

The CDC is recommending everyone above six months to get immunized against the new flu strains of the current season. But, according to the survey conducted by the Consumer Reports, many of the adult people were not ready to follow the advice of getting vaccinated against flu.

The latest survey revealed that 28% of the health workers expressed that they won’t receive flu vaccination this year and those in the risk segment to flu, 45% of them responded to take flu shots. About 51% of the aged people in the category 65 and above said that they would undergo vaccination.

The reasons cited by the respondents for not getting flu vaccination were end of the menace of swine flu (said 45%), side-effects from the flu vaccine (44%), safety of the vaccination (41%) and non-believability towards effectiveness of flu vaccine (expressed nearly 30%).

The series of surveys performed by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases also brought out that nearly 43% of the Americans would not receive flu shots this year and also, one-third of the mothers responded not to get their children vaccinated against flu.

Marvin Lipman, MD, Chief Medical Adviser for Consumer Reports says, "A lot of people felt that last year's publicity about the swine flu was overblown and therefore are not going to get the flu shot this year".