Facebook Browsing Results in Detection of Cancer

Browsing on Facebook turned out to be a blessing in disguise for a two years old baby, as after noticing the picture of the baby on the website a nurse identified a symptom of cancer in the eyes of the toddler. The incident occurred when Nicola Sharp was looking at the pictures of her friend Michele Freeman on the website and noticed something unusual with the eyes of the daughter of Michele.

Nicola observed that her friend’s, two-year-old daughter’s left eye was not alright as Grace’s pupil was white, when it should have had a red tint due to the red eye effect in the pictures. The most common reason for the whiting of the red eye tint is because of cancer, which Nicola knew and intimidated her friend Michele about the observation.

After being informed about the observation by Nicola, Michele immediately decided to get Grace diagnosed, following the procedure Grace was found to be suffering from two tumors in her left eye. She had also completely lost sight in her left eye.

After the diagnosis, specialists, who are treating Grace, told Michele that if Michele would have been late and the tumor would have spread, Grace’s life could have been in danger. While talking about the development, Michele stated that it was because of Nicola that Grace’s life was saved and that if it wouldn’t have been for Nicola nobody would have noticed the tumor except when it would have been too late.