Microsoft’s crumpled service

Microsoft’s recently is offering its tough competition against its rivals in the form of cloud-dwelling firms.

The video hints about the culling of the beta version of Office 2010 scheduled on 31 October. The test software is making progress towards Halloween.

Nearly nine million downloads of the beta has happened since its release in 2009. The earlier version of the software has been released and came in June 2010.

The firm is asking users to download the software rather than buy the boxed-up version, in regard of environment move.

Microsoft stated: “If you have already selected the Office 2010 suite that's right for you, the fastest way to get the released version onto your computer is to download it. Not only is this option an eco-friendly way to help reduce packaging waste, it's also great for procrastinators who may not have planned ahead.”

One who wishes to have a traditional DVD in a box, the company will gladly ship it to the door. The software is being offered directly to via its store and has several online resellers showcasing it, too.

Earlier records show that the firm has fared bad in case of offering software-via-the-cloud-dumped-onto-desktop delivery. The complaints were essentially revolving around the facts about improper download or incomplete installation the operating system’s files that were supplied by US-based Digital River.