AVN Loses its Charitable Status

A vaccination network has lost its charitable status for not performing in the good faith.

The Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) has been deprived of its charitable status by the NSW Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing (OLGR), on grounds of investigations carried out against it for two months.

In the Government inquiry, Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing conducted an audit of the AVN. As per the outcomes of the investigation, the OLGR has issued Notice of Revocation of Authority to Fundraise For Charitable Purposes to AVN.

The grounds on which the withdrawal was followed include the fundraising activities not performed in the interest of the charitable purposes and the failure of organization in publishing disclaimer on its website that was suggested by the Health Care Complaints Commission.

As per the Notice, the breaches followed by the organization deceived the donors while taking a decision to donate funds that resulted into appeals against the organization for not performing in good faith. OLGR told that the website elicits donors to make donations for a vaccination program, while the organization itself is against vaccination.

“The inquiry found several errors with their bookkeeping system and some minor problems with the way in which they accounted for fundraising income”, said Meryl Dorey, a spokeswoman for AVN. She added that small errors that OLGR found during the audit could be made by any small organization.