Lovefilm to be available on PlayStation3

Lovefilm subscribers in the UK will be able to watch latest movies on their television sets through PlayStation3 games consoles, thanks to the partnership between the London-based movie and game rental service and Sony.

The deal will enhance entertainment experience of millions of people in the country, where more than three million households own PlayStation3 games consoles. Users will be able to access latest movies as well as old blockbusters.

Old consumers will be provided with an opportunity to choose what DVD and Blue-Ray movies they hire or purchase. Users will be able to manage their rental lists through their PlayStation games console and update account details.

Commenting on the new service, LoveFilm CEO Simon Culver said, "This is a game-changing for LoveFilm and transformational for the UK home-entertainment market as a whole."

Netflix hire service is already accessible through PlayStation3 games console. Apart from Sony's games console, the Netflix service is also available on Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 in the US.

Lovefilm is the largest online disc rental service in the country, with over 67,000 titles and 1.4 million monthly subscribers.