BT Accelerates Roll Out of High-Speed Broadband Network

A recent report had pointed out that Britain is lagging much behind the other European nations when it comes to providing super-fast broadband network, and now BT is under increased pressure from the Labour and the Conservatives to do something about the problem. In response, BT has accelerated the roll out of its high-speed internet network, to ensure that everything is in place by the time the 2012 Olympic Games in London commence.

Under a new plan to bring out the new network as quickly as possible, Britain's largest fixed-line phone firm is looking to spend around 1.5 Billion Pounds on a new network which will be based on optical fiber, but currently, it will be serving only about 40% of homes, that too only in major towns and cities.

Last year, BT had announced that the complete building and roll out of its "urban-focused network" could take up-to March 2013, but now it will be looking at finishing the process by June 2012, especially on the back of many successful trial runs that have happened.

"We need our politicians to decide how much of a priority fiber broadband is. BT is the only company currently planning to invest large sums in this area but we can only go so far with our shareholders' money", said Ian Livingston, BT's Chief Executive.

With BT's new network the broadband download speed would be increased by as much as 10 times to 40 megabits per second.