Dying Cancer Patient Selling off His Belongings

A liver cancer patient after being told of his remaining life has started managing his worldly affairs.

Malcolm McMahon, 55, has been told by his GP Andy Thompson of Enki Medical Centre, in Handsworth, Birmingham that he had a few months to live.

He has started selling off his belongings. He sold off most of his inherited heirlooms and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He has also made his will and put his house on sale. He told that he is selling off the possessions at a lower price.

Mr. McMahon underwent further ultrasound tests at Birmingham City Hospital and Dr. Thompson told him that his cancer was at an incurable stage and he had a few months to live.

"I sat there listening to the doctor detail about dying at home and how Macmillan nurses could help, but the whole time, I was fine. All that time spent worrying over nothing”, said Mr. McMahon.

He added that his girlfriend got shocked. As he wanted to secure financially the people who loved and cared for him, he sold off antique rings, china ornaments and plates at less prices, as he didn’t have enough time.

Mr. McMahon, former owner of a pawnbroker also tried to commit suicide once, after facing the demise of his mother and brother Robert due to lung cancer. He was given a 22-month driving ban, for driving in a drunken condition, after a few days of news of his leftover life.