High Prices of Sheep Burn a Hole in the Pocket of Producers

The high prices of sheep have remained stable throughout Australia, and there is not a single sign of a sheep that would come at a price that a buyer would rejoice at. The high prices of sheep in Australia have though overjoyed sellers with profits, it is the buyer who ends up suffering as the re-stocker has to pay out of his pockets for the sheep.

Grahame Fullgrabe is a livestock agent from the state of Victoria, he would be travelling to New South Wales from Victoria to buy some new sheep for his customers. Mr. Fullgrabe while commenting on the current prices has stated that one could not buy a sheep at a takeaway price in Australia.

However, he did not fail in mentioning that despite the high prices of sheep, the producers are capable of affording a replacement sheep. Mr. Fullgrabe also talked about the current price scenario of sheep in Australia. He stated that sheep’s all across Australia were of a similar rate and did not differ from one place to another place.

He further concluded by stating that there were no cheap sheep available in Australia and that it was next to impossible to buy a sheep at a reasonable price.