Banned Euthanasia Advertisement to be Aired in New Zealand

A television advertisement showcasing euthanasia was banned in Australia for ‘promoting suicide’. But the same ad will now be aired in New Zealand in the adults only time slot.

On Wednesday, Philip Nitschke, who is the Director of Exit International described the advertisement as ‘pretty simple’.

Dr. Nitschke said that the main in the ad had an option for every possible aspect of life, except for the one that is very important for him now.

Dr. Nitschke further said, “That is whether he can have access to a peaceful death given the way that he's suffering”.

The script for the ad has been made by Exit International, which is an Australian-based pro-euthanasia group. The Commercial Approvals Bureau (CAB) of New Zealand has given green signal to the script.

Those who oppose voluntary euthanasia say that life is sacred and people would misuse it, if it would be legalised. The cases of killing people without their permission would also increase.

Those in favor of euthanasia believe that people should be allowed to die voluntarily to avoid sufferings like pain, problems in breathing, and indignities.

It is worth mentioning that voluntary euthanasia is officially permitted in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and three states in the United States.