Kid’s Meal at McDonald's, Fresh as Ever

Manhattan artist Sally Davies, 54, has been taking photographs of this kid’s meal of fries and burger, which had been bought nearly six month back. To everyone’s surprise this meal does not have a hint of mould or decay.

This McDonald's Happy Meal refuses to yield to the forces of nature and though looks a little dry; it does not show signs of mould. Even her dogs have reportedly resisted the urge to try and steal the meal.

“I bought the meal on April 10 of this year and brought it home with the express intention of leaving it out to see how it fared”, she uttered.

She further said that though her project could have been done on any other fast food joints in New York, but she had chosen McDonald's since it was the nearest form her home.

Her first observation was that the meal did not emit any smell on the second day. Secondly her dogs too stopped wandering around the meal which was placed on the shelf.

The burger though is said to have shrunken a bit yet there is not much difference from the original one, Davies noted. With no signs of decomposition, the meal is said to be as fresh as it was at the time it was bought.

The food now is said to have turned to plastic to touch, and have an acrylic sheen to it, hence the only change seen is that it has just become as hard as a rock.