Google may release Chrome OS next month

Mountain View-based Internet search giant Google’s open source operating system Chrome OS is said to have reached Release Candidate (RC) stage, which mean it is extremely close to its finalization.

The Release Candidate stage indicates that the company polishing and softening any remaining rough corners of the software platform for its launch.

No specific details have been made available for the public yet, but as the holiday season is drawing nearer rapidly, things are bound to make difference.

At present, Google Chrome OS is up to Build that raised speculations that the RC development milestone has been hit.

Chrome OS could bring a headache for software giant Microsoft as it will get a new competitor for its Windows operating system from a company that already has proved that it is capable of making a difference.

Google declined to confirm the exact release date for the Chrome OS, but TechCrunch has been presenting 11th of November 2010 as the possible sign-off deadline for Chrome OS.