IVF Treatment Witnesses a breakthrough

Scientists hail to have fetched a breakthrough in infertility treatment with the development of a new IVF technique. The new technology is claimed to assist in discerning and hence selecting the healthiest embryos prior to implanting in IVF treatment. The treatment can determine the amount of their glucose intake.

The treatment would increase the reliability associated with IVF as it could increase the number of successful pregnancies.

It is claimed that over one in seven couples in the UK face issues in having a child and over 5 % still find it difficult to conceive after two years.

Australian scientists have found a new technique to pick the healthiest embryos before they are implanted in IVF treatment. As per the present figures, a mere 29 % of women under the age of 35 conceive following IVF and this percentage reduces with the age.

The research into the exciting treatment conducted by the University of Melbourne, observed the glucose intake of embryos from the solution, which were nurtured artificially.

IVF units serve as a source of nutrients for embryos fertilization in the laboratory. The embryos are fertilized from the eggs and sperm of couples who cannot be nurtured naturally.