Heritage Overlay Worries Property Owners

Property owners of units in a Caulfield South building have raised complaints that they would have not bought the property, if they would have known about the heritage laws related to the building. The property owners are feeling the pinch of the heritage laws that protect the building.

According to reports, there has already been a rift between the councilors of Glen Eira and the heritage expert of the council. Yet, the council is looking to make amends and bring about a reasonable solution for everyone related to the incident.

The heritage advisor of the council has stated that the three apartments on the Hawthorn Rd and Sea View St. were important on an individual basis and needed to be a part of the heritage buildings in the area. However, the owners of these properties have expressed concern about the development as constructions and modifications in their houses would be regulated very strictly.

An owner of one of the properties, Jack Esakoff had not bought his apartment on Sea View St, if he’d known about the heritage overlay. He added that a blunder was made all along the way and somebody had to find a solution for the jeopardy.

John Esakoff is the husband of Margaret Esakoff, who is a councilor of Glen Eira.