A Rare Disorder Known as Phenylketonuria

The plight of a seven year old girl is such that she cannot enjoy a candy or even a chocolate, but still has to live with the mainstream crowd. The only things that will not damage her brain are a few fruits and vegetables.

The name of this girl is Borsi Batki, a child suffering from a rare genetic disorder, in which she cannot eat anything that contains proteins. A no-no for the consumption of proteins means that Borsi cannot consume more than half of the food items the children of her age eat.

The most common meal that Borsi feasts on is special pasta that is prepared in a tomato sauce. Apart from the pasta, Borsi has to drink a supplement of protein six times in a day.

Her body is not capable of digesting amino acids that are found in food items that are rich in proteins. Borsi is suffering from a disorder known as phenylketonuria. It has been found that if this condition is left undetected, the person suffering from the disorder can suffer from mental retardation and brain damage.

Borsi’s condition was first detected at a tender age when she was barely a week old. It has been found that only one in 15,000 children suffer from Borsi’s condition, truly a sad situation, yet this child has been able to fight on.